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Model Documents
All Rectifier Modules Overview
DC Power Systems Overview
Flatpack Flatpack2 HE Front End Cut Sheet
Flatpack S 48V Rectifier Cut Sheet
Micropack Rectifiers Cut Sheet
Wallbox Cut Sheet
Valere Compact DC Power System Cut Sheet
Integrated DC Power System Cut Sheet
Modular HE DC Power System Cut Sheet

Unigy 4DHR6500 Cut Sheet
HR3000 Cut Sheet
HR3500 Cut Sheet
HR3500ET Cut Sheet
HR4000 Cut Sheet
HR5500 Cut Sheet
HR5500ET Cut Sheet
HR7500ET Cut Sheet
Unigy I 12AVR30/40 Cut Sheet
12AVR75/100 Cut Sheet
12AVR90 Cut Sheet
12AVR100ET Cut Sheet
12AVR130 Cut Sheet
12AVR145ET Cut Sheet
12AVR145L/LLP Cut Sheet
12AVR150ET Cut Sheet
12AVR170ET Cut Sheet
12AVR200ET Cut Sheet
Unigy II AVR45 Discharge Rates in Amps
AVR45 Discharge Rates in Watts
AVR45/75/95/125 Module Dimensions
AVR75 Discharge Rates in Amps
AVR75 Discharge Rates in Watts
AVR85 Discharge Rates in Amps (1-24 hrs)
AVR85 Discharge Rates in Amps (5-60 mins)
AVR85 Discharge Rates in Watts (1-24 hrs)
AVR85 Discharge Rates in Watts (5-60 mins)
AVR95 Discharge Rates in Watts
AVR95 Discharge Rates in Amps
AVR125-33 Cut Sheet
AVR125-33 (2000AH) Cut Sheet
Quality and TCO Analysis: 2- and 12-Volt Batteries in Telecom Applications
Spacesaver Systems Cut Sheet

9130 9130 UPS Cut Sheet
9130 Tower UPS User’s Guide
9130 Rackmount UPS Cut Sheet
9130 UPS (TAA compliant) Cut Sheet
PDM User’s Guide (for use with 9130 UPS)
9130 UPS 700/3000VA User’s Guide
9170+ 9170+ UPS Cut Sheet
9170+ UPS User’s Guide
9170+ Battery Charger Module User’s Guide
9170+ Rail Kit Installation Guide
9390 9390 UPS Cut Sheet
9390/9390IT UPS Installation and Operation Manual

PowerSafe CA-M Cutsheet
DU Cutsheet

NetSure 701 Series Cut Sheet
 721 Series Cut Sheet

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